Hudson Valley Strong is an Indivisible-aligned group in New York State’s 19th Congressional District, which is a swing district. We are neighbors acting together to protect our people, our values, and our environment through individual action and in coalition.

We are STRONG: we will resist Trump, Trumpism, the reactionary Republican agenda, and other threats. We will advocate for issues and candidates to protect and strengthen our community at all levels, local and national.

We are STRONG: we have strength in numbers. We will act on our own AND with others in our community in order to increase the strength of all our voices.

We are STRONG: we will educate ourselves about issues and candidates; we also will learn from others and will share with them. We will seek opportunities to share what we have learned with individuals one-to-one during our daily life.

We are STRONG: we are committed to do focused work over the long haul; we will not be disheartened by the tough road ahead.

We are STRONG: we are thankful that we live where there are minds — and votes — to be changed: here, our voices matter.

Persistently yours,

The people of Hudson Valley Strong

For more information, or to be added to our e-mail list for notifications of meetings, activities, and calls for action, text “HVSTRONG” to 66866 or email  info@hudsonvalleystrong.org

Follow us on Twitter @hudsonvalstrong.

E-mail us at info@hudsonvalleystrong.org if you wish to join our Facebook group (FB: Hudson Valley Strong – Indivisible).