To All Medical Professionals: Please Join the #HouseCallsCampaign

Listen to Dr. Danielle Ofri talk about the #HouseCallsCampaign:

One of our Hudson Valley Strong members writes:

I’ve known Danielle for a long time. She’s a doctor and a writer, very much in the lineage of Dr. Oliver Sacks. As he was, she’s a precious combination of thoughtful, smart, skilled, and humane. (You can learn more about Danielle here.)

As Danielle mentions in the video, she recently wrote an Op-Ed in the New York Times. Here’s what happened soon after it appeared:

How an Op-Ed became an Action Continue reading

Stop the AHCA – Save the ACA!

Thanks to Indivisible for the information below.

This is a critical week to prevent passage of the Senate’s version of the AHCA. At the time of this writing, Senator Schumer has said that Democrats will attempt to stop all Senate business by objecting to all unanimous consent requests (withholding consent) and using other tactics, such as the “vote-a-rama,” (filibuster by unlimited amendment).

Let Sens. Schumer and Gillibrand know that you support their stopping all usual Senate business by calling, tweeting and posting on FB. This is a fitting tactic since the Republican handling of the AHCA bill is itself not business as usual. Continue reading

Call Your NY State Senator and the Senate President Pro Tempore to Protect the Hudson River

Thanks to Sierra Club Atlantic Chapter for their work on this issue.

The bill S.5197B would help NYS limit the anchoring of massive crude oil barges as floating storehouses on the Hudson River. Such anchored barges endanger our riverfront communities’ drinking water supplies and wildlife habitats. This legislative session closes shortly so it is important to call on Wednesday. Continue reading

Upcoming Events – June 28th & June 29th

June 28th, Wednesday, 6:00P–8:00P – Tell the EPA in Person: Protect People and Wildlife, Not GE

Thanks to Riverkeeper for their work on this issue.

Attend the EPA’s local public hearing on the status of the PCB clean-up of the Hudson River. It will be held at the Poughkeepsie Grand Hotel, 40 Civic Center Boulevard, Poughkeepsie, NY 12601, in the Terrace Ballroom. Continue reading

What Can We Learn from Corbyn/Labour Gains?

A Hudson Valley Strong member writes:

I’ve been reading a lot about the Corbyn/Labour gains (as well as the huge Macron win), to glean what I can that might be helpful to us in NY-19 vis-a-vis our grass roots efforts. One thing that strikes me is that the galvanizing and hopeful results for both Corbyn and Macron come from very different political/policy perspectives. For that reason, I don’t think we can necessarily draw, as some are wont to do, that a “progressive” platform is the key ingredient to an electoral win. As they say, it all depends.

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National Call-in Day on June 14 — to Stop AHCA in the Senate

Thanks to the Indivisible Guide and the Center for American Progress for their work on this issue.

“Senate Republican leaders and the all-male health care working group are meeting behind literal closed doors to continue negotiations on their version of Trumpcare. It looks just like the House bill—the one that will strip coverage from 23 million Americans. We’ve also learned that moderate Republican senators—many of whom have promised to protect Medicaid coverage—are actually willing to strip Medicaid coverage from millions of people as long as it happens slowly. The Senate is serious about voting on Trumpcare by the end of June. That means we probably have just two weeks to stop them. “ — Center for American Progress, June 12th, 2017 Continue reading