Report on Resistance Leadership Summit

On Saturday, July 8th, the Resistance Leadership Summit was held in Hudson. It was a gathering of activists from Columbia, Dutchess, Greene, Sullivan, and Rensselaer counties, representing many Indivisible affiliated groups, Citizens Action, Democratic county committees, and elected officials. Presentations were given by local officials and organizers, and smaller breakout sessions on a variety of topics were featured.

Assemblywoman Didi Barrett was the excellent introductory speaker. In her talk, she stressed the following: the Democrat who runs against Rep. Faso needs to campaign on local issues of concern to the people in our district, Democrats need to win in this November’s elections, and protesting is important, but GOTV is even more important so we can flip seats in 2017 and 2018.

The chair of the Columbia County Democratic Committee talked about local candidate campaigning. Door-to-door canvassing is crucial, phone banking is less effective than it used to be, and getting people out to vote is key. Continue reading

A (Joy) Reid Rant Is Always A Beautiful Thing (Part 2)

Joy Reid began her July 5 rant with this: “Matt Yglesias (Vox) seems to be arguing for Dems to rely on white millennials and rural, antiabortion Dems in 2020.” She’s referring to an article by Matt Yglesias in Vox, his crystal ball in hand, annointing the Dem 2020 candidate frontrunner from the vantage point of mid-2017. Continue reading

Just listen: Bill Clinton on Helmut Kohl

David Frum wrote today: “To cheer us all up, here’s the elegant & generous eulogy of Helmut Kohl delivered by former President Clinton.” He’s right about the elegance and generosity of the eulogy. The contrast, however, with current circumstances is so dire that cheer is not what springs to mind. Continue reading

Stop the AHCA — Save the ACA!

This is yet another critical week in the effort to prevent the passage of the Senate’s version of the AHCA. At the time of this writing, Senator Schumer continues to lead the Democrats in efforts to slow the process down, shine more light on how AHCA will affect every single American (not just those who get coverage as a result of the ACA) and encourage moderate Republican Senators to vote against the AHCA. Continue reading