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Another Local Election Victory!

Before we get to the good news locally, let’s pause to celebrate good news from across the pond, where UK PM Theresa May lost her majority. As reported in the Guardian, “The British prime minister Theresa May’s gamble in calling an early election spectacularly failed on Thursday night, when she lost her majority in parliament and was forced to turn to a deal with a smaller party to stay in power.”

Labour defied the odds to win around 40% of the vote, with the Tories on 42%. Corbyn’s aides said the jump in the party’s share since previous leader Ed Miliband won 30% in 2015 was the largest between two general elections for any party since 1945. It was also higher than the 35.2% won by Labour’s Tony Blair in his third election victory in 2005.

Corbyn’s achievement was credited to a unique alliance of enthused younger voters and previous non-voters combined with some older anti-establishment United Kingdom Independence party (Ukip) voters hit by the Tories’ austere economic policies. Turnout rose about two points from 2015, to 68.7%.

But the good election news wasn’t confined to the other side of the Atlantic. Continue reading “Another Local Election Victory!”

Election Victories, Voting = Resistance

More Local—and State—Democratic Victories!

Grassroots organizing has netted victories in a number of state and local elections, including recent elections in New Hampshire, New York, and Illinois. Here’s a rundown: Continue reading “More Local—and State—Democratic Victories!”

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Indivisible Protests Faso in Pawling: What We Need to Do Now

April 21 marked the first “protestable” event since the election where Faso was present in Southern Dutchess. Not all protests are created equally, but this one was particularly important. Not only had Trumpcare once again raised its monstrous head, but also folks in Southern Dutchess need our support. In NY-19, Southern Dutchess often gets overlooked. One particularly heinous example is that Faso closed the Hyde Park Congressional field office, thus making it even harder for anyone in Southern Dutchess, including someone with a constituent problem who needs to meet with him or his staff, to get to him. Continue reading “Indivisible Protests Faso in Pawling: What We Need to Do Now”

Citizen Activism, Food for Thought, Voting = Resistance

“There’s only one form of resistance that’s going to work, and that’s voting. Voting for Democrats.”

E.J. Kraff, in No Factions in Foxholes, celebrates the coming together of citizen activists across a wide range of interests and concerns to make common cause.

As many have noted, the multi-city Women’s March was (almost pointedly) not a march for women’s rights but a march organized by women that roared on behalf of democracy and fairness, human rights and science. . . .  But the protests are just the part easiest to see. In the background, both novices and longtime progressive organizations and activists are working triple-time to be—not just in concept, but in action—intersectional at long last. Continue reading ““There’s only one form of resistance that’s going to work, and that’s voting. Voting for Democrats.””