Dear Fellow Activists,

ALL HANDS ON DECK TO GET OUT THE VOTE! Canvassing is the single best way to assure a win for Democratic candidates.

During these critical last weeks before the November elections, we will canvassing each weekend in Rhinebeck, Clinton, and Red Hook. It is absolutely crucial that we have a high volume of volunteers for knocking on doors! Please register for shifts now so that the Dutchess Democratic campaign can allocate volunteers most effectively.

There will be three shifts each day, morning, mid-day and mid-afternoon. The times will vary slightly depending on the day of the week. The shifts for the next two weekends are listed below, and you can also you can sign-up shifts for 11/4 through 11/7 now.

To sign-up for canvassing in Rhinebeck and Clinton please email David Weiner at weinerdj at aol dot com or leave a voice mail at 845-516-4504. For canvassing in Red Hook, please contact Kris Munn at kmunn at munn dot com or call at (732) 254-9305.


Saturday, 10/21
9:00 AM
12:00 Noon
3:00 PM

Sunday 10/22
10:00 AM
1:00 PM
4:00 PM


Smartphone user? Multiply the effectiveness of our effort with the MiniVan Smart Phone App. Although paper canvassing materials are available, using the MiniVan app on your Android or I-Phone means we don’t need extra volunteers to print lists and input the results of your canvassing. MiniVan takes 5 minutes to learn and is super user friendly and helpful. Just download the MiniVan app from Google Play or the Apple Store, and we’ll show you the rest.