Food for Thought, Reid Rant

A (Joy) Reid Rant Is Always A Beautiful Thing (Part 2)

Joy Reid began her July 5 rant with this: “Matt Yglesias (Vox) seems to be arguing for Dems to rely on white millennials and rural, antiabortion Dems in 2020.” She’s referring to an article by Matt Yglesias in Vox, his crystal ball in hand, annointing the Dem 2020 candidate frontrunner from the vantage point of mid-2017.

Among other cogent points, Reid has the weight of evidence against such a premature conclusion on her side. Here’s Theda Skocpol, who actually proceeds from data to reach her conclusions, on the topic (in an LTE to an Op-Ed in the New York Times):

Frankly, Bernie Sanders’ told-you-so message is graceless. It adopts his lone-wolf moralistic tone to suggest that he would have beaten Donald Trump. Mr. Sanders did not attract broad working-class support in the primaries: His base was overwhelmingly restricted to white liberals, especially in the cities and college towns.

Mr. Sanders’ refusal to concede in a timely way as Hillary Clinton won many millions more votes and his constant harping that she was “corrupt” furthered Mr. Trump’s message and contributed to the con man’s catastrophic victory. Mr. Sanders has much to apologize for and nothing to justify dumping on others.

What we need to do, in actual fact, is to stop worrying about 2020 and focus on laying the ground for 2018, including getting Dems off the sidelines to vote in any elections coming up in 2017. So please, let’s set aside this wholly premature horse race nonsense and get to the work at hand. Meanwhile, there are all kinds of Democratic stars in the firmament: Kamala Harris, Adam Schiff, Tammy Duckworth, Chris Murphy, Elizabeth Warren, and lots more coming on.

If you want a blueprint for what’s really worth spending time on, try out Theda Skocpol’s “Big Idea” piece in Vox, A guide to rebuilding the Democratic party, from the ground up.

Read the Reid rant below:

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As a follow-up, Joy Reid posted the following thread with the header “excellent analysis in this thread.”