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Stop the AHCA — Save the ACA!

This is yet another critical week in the effort to prevent the passage of the Senate’s version of the AHCA. At the time of this writing, Senator Schumer continues to lead the Democrats in efforts to slow the process down, shine more light on how AHCA will affect every single American (not just those who get coverage as a result of the ACA) and encourage moderate Republican Senators to vote against the AHCA.

In addition to urging your out-of-state friends to contact their Senators, especially in states where there are Senators who might potentially vote ‘No,’ it is important to keep our local news media focused on this issue.

So please write another short Letter to The Editor to at least one of our local papers. Many allow for fast email submission! And urge your friends to write short Letters to the Editor to their local papers as well; you can explain to them why it is so important! If they aren’t sure how it will affect their state, Indivisible has that information here.