Call for Action, Health Care

National Call-in Day on June 14 — to Stop AHCA in the Senate

Thanks to the Indivisible Guide and the Center for American Progress for their work on this issue.

“Senate Republican leaders and the all-male health care working group are meeting behind literal closed doors to continue negotiations on their version of Trumpcare. It looks just like the House bill—the one that will strip coverage from 23 million Americans. We’ve also learned that moderate Republican senators—many of whom have promised to protect Medicaid coverage—are actually willing to strip Medicaid coverage from millions of people as long as it happens slowly. The Senate is serious about voting on Trumpcare by the end of June. That means we probably have just two weeks to stop them. “ — Center for American Progress, June 12th, 2017

If you have friends in the key states below, urge them to contact their Senators NOW—and when they do, to ask to speak to the staff person in charge of Health Policy. If they live near a district office, urge them to drop by.

• Sen. Murkowski, Alaska       • Sens. Flake and McCain, Arizona
• Sen. Cotton, Arkansas         • Sen. Gardner, Colorado
• Sen. Collins, Maine              • Sen. Heller, Nevada
• Sen. Portman, Ohio             • Sen. Capito, West Virginia

Sample Call Script for Senators Schumer and Gillibrand

Hello, I’m [your name} from [your town, zipcode]. Please thank the Senator for his/her leadership in opposing the AHCA bill. I urge him/her continue to speak out in the media and on the Senate floor against AHCA, and hope that he/she shows leadership in using all of the tools at his/her disposal so there is no business as usual in the Senate until this bill is publicly revealed, hearings are held and a CBO score is given and made public.

Sample Tweet

Americans deserve to know what’s in the GOP health plan. @SenateDems No business as usual until hearings are held

Phone Numbers for Rep. Faso

Washington, DC Office: (202) 225-5614
Delhi District Office: (607) 746-9537
Kinderhook District Office: (518) 610-8133
Kingston District Office: (845) 514-2322

Phone Numbers for Senators Schumer and Gillibrand

Senator Schumer

(202) 224-6542
(518) 431-4070
(212) 486-4430
(716) 846-4111
(607) 772-6792
(585) 263-5866
(315) 423-5471
(631) 753-0978
(914) 734-1532

Senator Gillibrand

(202) 224-4451
(212) 688-6262
(315) 448-0470
(845) 875-4585
(518) 431-0120
(716) 854-9725
(631) 249-2825
(315) 376-6118
(315) 448-0470
(585) 263-6250