Budget, Call for Action

Call Rep. Faso & Write Letters to the Editor on Trump’s Fat Cat Budget

Trump has now released the sequel to his ‘skinny’ budget — a ‘Fat Cat’ budget that gives the wealthy and corporations a $5 trillion dollar tax break, while gutting almost $4 trillion dollars from programs that serve the poor, elderly, children, people with disabilities, students and the middle class. Note that this budget takes the first stab (pun intended) at Social Security through deep cuts to Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI). This budget starkly reveals that Trump & the GOP are promise-breakers who are actively working to harm hard-working families for the benefit of their paymasters, the wealthy and corporations.

In this email we ask that you call Rep. John Faso and write an email Letter to the Editor to your local newspaper in opposition to the Trump Budget. At the close of the email we feature Upcoming Events. (We’ll have a report on last night’s great HVS Action Team meeting in our next email.)

Thanks to the Center for American Progress, the NY Times, and ABC News for their work on this issue.

It is certainly true that Trump’s ‘Fat Cat’ budget ‘re-defines compassion,’ as White House Budget Director Mick Mulvaney says, but only if ones ‘re-definition’ of compassion is cruelty. Trump’s going to have an interesting meeting with Pope Francis, who hews to the more traditional definition of ‘compassion.’

As to Mulvaney’s statement that this budget ‘puts the taxpayer first,’ — umm, no, actually, that is another Trump Administration lie. The people who pay the greatest share of the total US tax burden (federal, state, local, sales, FICA, etc.) are the poor, low wage working people and the middle class; the very people who benefit from the programs that this budget attacks. It also doesn’t add up — they are willfully setting the stage for later, deeper cuts to due to the huge deficit that this budget would create.


  • Medicaid – The budget, plus ACHA, cut nearly $1.5 trillion; by 2027, Medicaid halved.
  • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program – cuts $193 billion over 10 years —  29% of the program
  • Education –  $143 billion cut, including subsidized student loans, public service loan forgiveness —even for students currently in these programs.
  • Disability & SSDI – Cut by $72 billion.
  • Veterans – $15 billion in cuts from VA programs, including those that are ending the tragedy of veteran homelessness
  • EPA – 31% in 2018, with 2% more each year thereafter

Sample Call Script

Hi. I am [name] and I live in [Town, zipcode].

I am calling about President Trump’s budget.  Our district has many people, including [myself, family members] that benefit from the many programs that Trump wishes to cut.

This budget doesn’t  ‘put the taxpayer first’ — that is a lie.

The people who pay the greatest share of the US tax burden are the poor, low wage working people, the middle class and people like me. The real ’taxpayers’ are very people who benefit from the programs that this budget attacks.

This budget also doesn’t add up! I am very concerned that this budget sets the stage for later, even deeper cuts to Medicare, Social Security and other programs because of the huge deficit that this budget creates. This would really hurt my family and many in our district, which has lots of seniors and 12.7% of our families living in poverty.

Will Rep. Faso publicly and immediately come out against these deep cuts that not only hurt hard-working families like mine but also do nothing for our economy?

Thank you for your time.

Sample Tweet to Rep. Faso

Stop pushing policies @RepJohnFaso that help the uber-wealthy & corps and hurt the people of #NY19 No to #FatCatBudget #HandsOff

Phone Numbers for Rep. Faso

Washington, DC Office: (202) 225-5614
Delhi District Office: (607) 746-9537
Kinderhook District Office: (518) 610-8133
Kingston District Office: (845) 514-2322

Email a Letter to the Editor Now

Please write a quick Letter to the Editor now —  a fast but imperfect letter is better than the perfect letter next week or never! A flood of letters will ensure that the proposed Fat Cat Trump budget is covered locally. Our local newspapers have a strong readership across the political spectrum. If enough letters are received, the newspapers will most certainly publish at least one.

We also want to keep the local papers focused on the (true) narrative that Rep. John Faso and the GOP are betraying the American people, even the people who voted for them, in favor of the wealthy and corporations. This benefits us as we organize for the November 2017 elections.

1) Address the main point in the first two sentences and keep your letter under 200 words.
2) Ideally, include a story about the budget’s potential personal and/or local impact, perhaps with related budget fact. Use the information and links in this email to help you get started.
3) Close the letter with your full name, phone number (won’t be published) and your town.

Email Addresses for Popular Local Papers

Daily Freeman – letters@freemanonline.com

Times-Union – tuletters@timesunion.com

Poughkeepsie Journal (web form)

Register-Star (web form)

Daily Gazette – opinion@dailygazette.org

Mid-Hudson News – news@midhudsonnews.com