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Three Ways to Resist Rep. Faso & TrumpNoCare Now!

Three Ways to Resist Rep. Faso & TrumpNoCare Now!

Are you outraged by Rep. Faso’s Yes vote on healthcare? As E.J. Dionne Jr. notes in his Washington Post Op-Ed, it is disgusting that the Republicans would pass this ‘anti-healthcare’ bill.

As he noted, this loathesome bill, supported by only 17% of the population, would give approximately $595 billion in tax cuts to the very wealthy while gutting pre-existing condition coverage AND taking $880 billion from Medicaid. A reminder that Medicaid provides care to 74 million Americans – mostly to those who are disabled, have special needs or who are living in poverty. This bill also eliminates the $300 billion dollars allocated to help those who cannot afford healthcare (premiums and deductible costs) without some subsidy. This is not a healthcare bill; this is a tax-cut bill that is America’s biggest ever transfer of wealth from the poor and middle classes to the wealthy.

We cannot complacently assume that the Senate will save us from the worst effects of this bill; as Nate Silver in his excellent 538 politics podcast pointed out, once a bill gets momentum, it can be hard to stop.

What can we do?

First we need to participate and add our voice to protests where we can be part of a great show of force and where there will be national media coverage. As many of you know, MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow recently featured a clip from the Kinderhook ACA rally (many HVSers were there), where Rep. Faso made a promise  about pre-existing conditions – now broken – to a young woman with a brain tumor. This particular protest, due to its national media attention, had an immediate impact then and, now, a wider impact.

We strongly encourage you to attend the May 8th event in Kingston. (Both Rep. Faso and Rep. Maloney, featured on the Maddow show, have been invited.) See below for more info. We are working with other groups on a possible Kinderhook (Faso’s main office and hometown) rally and march — so stay tuned. This one might feature Zombies!

Second, we need to get out and organize on behalf of local Democratic party organizations — the Republicans sure do! Town by town, we need to support efforts across our district to identify and register Democrats and Democratic leaning voters. We need to work with Democratic village, town and county party organizations to make certain that this data goes to Democratic organizations in support of Democrats running for office.

Join us tomorrow, Sunday May 7th, in Livingston to canvass voters and identify those who support Democratic candidates. Strong turnout for Democrats in the upcoming November 2017 elections will have both a local and national impact — you can be sure that these results will be considered by ALL elected officials as they decide what bills to put forward out of Commitee, and their votes on what comes before them. See below for more info.

Third, to be direct, in any amount that you can afford, support your local Democratic County Committee; again, the Republicans do! This is how we make sure that Democrats have the resources for campaign operations to support Democratic candidates in 2017 and 2018. Of course, we should also support out-of-state special elections, issue-oriented advocacy groups, local human services, education and arts organizations — all of the charities that are important to us personally — but do allocate some funds for local Democratic efforts.

Sunday, May 7th Livingston Canvass & Monday, May 8th Kingston Save Our Healthcare Rally – Details About Two Important Events!

Sunday, May 7th 10A  Spring Canvass with the Livingston Democrats – Turning the 19th Blue in 2017 and Beyond!

Join Caitlin, Cynthia, David, other Hudson Valley Strong members and the Livingston Democrats for a neighbor to neighbor town canvass. The goal is to connect with local voters: find out the local issues important to them, update Democratic records with phone numbers and emails for Democrats & Democratic-leaning voters, and to register new voters and second home owners.

This is the type of grassroots effort that has resulted in such success in Rhinebeck and Red Hook — town by town, we want to support local Democratic efforts. Even if you only have a couple of hours to give, your work will make a BIG difference.

There will be a short training session, and then we’ll go out in teams of two. It is a rural district so we will canvass by car more than on foot. Livingston is about 18 minutes north of Rhinebeck.

The address is 253 Rte 82, Hudson, NY, 12534. If you are heading north on Rte 9, you come a stoplight, at the Bell’s Pond intersection of 9, 9H, 82 and 23. Make a right onto 82. Go 1 mile and, on your left, you will see 2 stone pillars on left, which is entrance to the home. (The Green Acres Farm Stand is on right.)

Monday, May 8th 6:30P – 9:30P Save Our Healthcare Town Hall in Kingston

Join other Hudson Valley Strong members and many other groups at the Save Our Healthcare Town Hall in Kingston at the Senate Garage, 4 North Front Street, Kingston 12401. Bring a (non-stick) small sign if you can – with Hudson Valley Strong on one side, and a message about healthcare on the other. Wear ‘Democratic’ blue if you can. The event will officially begin at 6:30P; we recommend that you arrive early, at around 6P to allow time for parking and entry into the venue.

Please let us know by email at if you plan to attend so that we can keep you posted about any event updates and possibly organize an HVS meet up point. Also, please indicate if you can give/need a ride (and include your address). Car pooling is both environmentally-friendly and will reduce congestion.