Citizen Activism

March for Science in Poughkeepsie: All Join In!

April 22, 2017, young, old, scientists and poets, tourists and locals, dogs and dinosaurs, a constant flow of hundreds of people streamed down to Poughkeepsie’s Waterfront Park for several hours marching for science. Hudson Valley Strong members were out in force. As usual, an amazing collection of signs and headgear.

Once arriving at the park, there were booths featuring exhibits, presentations and games about animals, space, Hudson River ecology and more, delighting both children and adults. Some say that the marches are a ‘waste of time’ — but that’s not true. Not only does it show that we STILL care about these issues, but these marches allow people to be in community with others who care, thus gaining fellowship and energy from being part of a movement. This is also a critical difference between these marches and those of the right wing movements: ours are demonstrably filled with love and good cheer, nary a moment of hate.

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