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Action Issue: Call Rep. Faso To Oppose Time-wasting, Disgusting Trumpcare 2.0

Yet another half-baked effort by Trump, Ryan & cronies to gut the ACA is underway. Clearly Trump is feeling the pressure of his first ‘100 Days’ coming to a close. With the lowest Presidential ‘100 Days’ approval rating in history, and no initiatives of his own implemented, he wants to be seen as ‘doing’ something.

Tellingly, many polls DO show that committed Trump supporters appear to like his proposals of the far-fetched and the ridiculous, such as the Wall, the Immigration Ban, the NAFTA pullout and Trumpcare – regardless of the fact that these proposals will likely come to nought. So it makes weird sense that Trump continues to make these outrageous ‘Potemkinesque’ proposals – similar to the Republican Congress’ many pointless moves on ACA under Obama – Trump grabs get the media spotlight, and it seems that, for him and his narrow band of supporters, that itself counts as ‘doing something.’

But it also means that we must to continue to resist. The Republicans and many pundits are actively seeking signals to support the narrative that ‘activists are fatigued and that only the diehards are still protesting.’

Let’s not give them any reason to push that narrative – let’s demonstrate that we are still outraged, that we still think that the Trump Presidency is not normal and that we are committed to resist for as long as it takes.

So again, let’s call Rep. Faso to tell him that we remain outraged by the continued Republican efforts to hurt everyday American families in order to offer largess to the wealthy and corporations.


This current Trumpcare proposal isn’t worth analyzing; it makes not even a duplicitous attempt to do anything to improve healthcare or cut the cost of insurance for anyone (except, briefly, Congress themselves.)

For Additional Information on Healthcare

If you’d like more information about this current ploy, or want to be regularly more informed about healthcare issues, we recommend NY19’s Affordable Care Taskforce’s very useful blog, Keeping An Eye On Affordable Care.

Sample Phone Call to Rep. Faso

Hello, I am [name], and I live in [town-county-zip]. I am a constituent of Rep. Faso.

I am outraged by the continued Republican efforts to hurt everyday American families in order to give largess to the wealthy and corporations.

There are so many real challenges that Congress could be working on – I urge Rep. Faso to stop wasting his time with bad proposals that have little support. He should get to work on things that will solve REAL problems here in NY19 and in the US.

I ask that Rep. Faso to publicly state his opposition to ANY and ALL changes to the ACA that don’t actually improve it for people here in NY-19 and across the United States.

Phone Numbers for Rep. Faso

Washington, DC Office: (202) 225-5614

Delhi District Office: (607) 746-9537

Kinderhook District Office: (518) 610-8133

Kingston District Office: (845) 514-2322

Sample Tweet to Rep. Faso

No to Trumpcare v2 @RepJohnFaso. Not even a duplicitous attempt to improve ACA. Do sthg useful instead! #Venal #Shameful #WastingOurTime