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Call Rep Faso To Oppose Changes That Weaken, Don’t Improve, ACA

Though today is 4.20, it really feels like Groundhog’s Day as we AGAIN are seeing an effort by Trump, Ryan & cronies to gut critical provisions of the ACA. As he nears the end of his first 100 days in office, is Trump hoping to show some results? Perhaps, but it could be that the Republicans need to make deep cuts in healthcare in order to make the huge tax cuts that they’ve promised to the wealthy.

Over the past week or so, rumors about proposed changes have been circulating, but so far they haven’t garnered sufficient Congressional support to advance further.

Let’s help keep it that way. Let’s tell Rep. Faso that we remain outraged by the continued efforts to hurt everyday American families in order to offer largess to the wealthy and corporations.


This latest trickster attempt to savage ACA centers primarily around changes to essential health benefits and pre-existing conditions. It includes a provision to allow states to easily get waivers so that they don’t have to comply with key ACA regulations, including offering (well-documented as failures) state-run high risk pools instead.

The Center for American Progress comments,“Republicans are now discussing a provision that is effectively a sick tax on premiums: People with health conditions would be charged multiples more based on their medical history, paying above-standard rates for coverage.” Making coverage unaffordable has the same effect as outright denial of coverage. Note that pregnancy, asthma, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol are considered pre-existing conditions by insurers.

These proposed changes would affect a huge number of Americans: in 2014, according to HHS data, 75% of those ages 45 – 54 had at least 1 pre-existing condition; 84% of those ages 55 – 64; and 1 in 4 children. In NY-19, approximately 294,000 non-elderly (non-Medicare) people had at least one pre-existing condition, of which 32,000 were children.

Sample Phone Call to Rep. Faso

Hello, I am [name], and I live in [town-county-zip]. I am a constituent of Rep. Faso.
I am outraged by the continued Republican efforts to hurt everyday American families in order to give largess to the wealthy and corporations. I am calling to ask Rep. Faso to publicly state his opposition to any changes to the ACA that don’t actually improve it for people here in NY-19 and across the United States. Rep. Faso has repeatedly said that he favors coverage for pre-existing conditions — something that would be gutted in proposals currently under discussion. In 2014, according to the HHS, here in NY-19 approximately 294,000 non-elderly (non-Medicare) people had at least one pre-existing condition; 32,000 of whom were children. Most people WANT health insurance; the problem is that they can’t AFFORD it. These proposed changes don’t help — they make things worse.

Phone Numbers for Rep. Faso

Washington, DC Office: (202) 225-5614

Delhi District Office: (607) 746-9537

Kinderhook District Office: (518) 610-8133

Kingston District Office: (845) 514-2322

Sample Tweet to Rep. Faso

NO to ‘changes’ that don’t improve ACA & put those w/pre-exist. at risk! @RepJohnFaso 294k in #ny19 have 1 pre-exist cond; 32k are kids.