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Trumpcare Titanic, with Rep. Faso Holding on Tight

Trumpcare couldn’t get the votes, no matter how cruel they made it — the nationwide protests, calls to House members and social media channels filled with outrage made a difference — as well as the many pointed letters to the Editor published in local newspapers, including ours.

Second, another victory is that Rep. Faso is now on the record as selling out his NY-19 constituents and as a promise-breaker. The last version of the Trumpcare bill, which he supported, INCLUDED the very cuts to Planned Parenthood that he repeatedly told his constituents that he opposed.

Third, an important effect locally was that our area print and electronic media, many of which previously seemed to be abetting him as he positioned himself as a ‘moderate’ Republican, began to call him out as someone who ‘engages in a stunning series of betrayals of tens of thousands of his constituents’ (Op-Ed, 3.23.17, Albany Times-Union). This can only help us as we move into the 2017 and 2018 elections.

Moving ahead, we need to stay vigilant for to future attempts to repeal the ACA and its protections, but right now it is time to turn to the so-called Trump ‘skinny budget,’ which has severe cuts to many agencies that provide protection for people and the environment; one of the most egregious being the gutting of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). See our Call for Action here.

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