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Call For Action: Call John Faso On Trumpcare – We Saw What You Did, We Expect Better

We want  to rebuke Rep. John Faso on his Trumpcare (AHCA) Budget Committee Yes vote. Let Rep. Faso know that you are angered by his continued disregard of his constituents’ interests. Now Rep. Faso has another chance to place the needs of his constituents over partisan politics: demand that he vote No on Trumpcare (AHCA) on Friday.

Even if seemingly repetitive, these calls are very important: we want to keep the pressure up. Your call lets Rep. John Faso knows that we are paying attention, and that he pays a price when he votes against NY-19 interests.

Action: Call & Tweet Rep. Faso on Trumpcare – We Saw What You Did, We Expect Better


Last week Trumpcare (AHCA) advanced to the House floor by a slim 19-17 Budget Committee vote, with Rep. John Faso voting Yes to advance the bill. Had Rep. Faso voted NO, the bill would not have advanced. Let him know his vote was unacceptable and not in the interests of his NY-19 constituents, where over 92,000 people would lose health insurance under Trumpcare and others will face skyrocketing premium increases. Additionally many good district healthcare jobs could be lost and some rural hospitals could close. Rep. Faso said that he passed it out of the Budget Committee as a ‘matter of procedure,’ but states that he is still ‘gathering information’ (no open, public Town Halls, though) with regard to his final vote.

The full House is scheduled to vote on Trumpcare on Friday — tell Rep. Faso that you expect him to vote in the best interests of his district, not the Republican party line.

If you are a new member of Hudson Valley Strong, or want to review our past ACA and Trumpcare (AHCA) related posts, you may wish to read our previous calls to action on the subject, starting here, as well as our ACA Position Paper section on Trumpcare here.

Sample Phone Call to Rep. Faso

Hello, I am [name], [town-county-zip]. I am a constituent of Rep. Faso. I am calling to ask him to vote NO on the American Health Care Act, or as I call it, Trumpcare. The CBO estimates 14 million people will lose health insurance next year, and by 2026, 24 million people will not have health insurance.

There are more than 92,000 people in our district who receive health insurance through the ACA Marketplace and Medicaid expansion. Others will face huge, unaffordable premium increases. All will be severely hurt by this bill.

Most people WANT health insurance; the problem is that they can’t AFFORD it.

I urge Rep. Faso to vote NO on this terrible bill.

Phone Numbers for Congressman Faso are here.

Sample Tweet to Rep. Faso