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Call For Action: Call John Faso To Support Responsible Gun Regulations

This action issue is about responsible gun regulations in the US — and allowing NY state residents to decide for themselves about concealed carry regulations, not people in other states.

Despite publicly stating that he favors gun-free school zones, Rep. Faso is co-sponsoring HR 38, a bill that allows concealed carry in school zones and in national parks — and also allows a person to carry a concealed weapon across state lines to another state that also allows concealed carry — this essentially allows the state that sets the lowest bar for permitting concealed carry to make the rules for the rest of us in other states. Rep. Faso recently voted to overturn regulations regarding guns access for individuals with mental health disabilities (H.J. Res 40).

A reminder that we now see that this is a pattern for Rep. Faso: he makes public statements that say, or imply, one thing, but then he does another.


Every single day, 93 Americans are killed with guns. The gun homicide rate in the U.S. is 25 times higher than that of other developed countries.  In a month, 50 woman are shot to death by intimate partners in the United States. The presence of a gun in a domestic violence situation increases the risk of the woman being shot and killed by five times. One child or teen dies from a gun every 3 hours and 18 minutes. Guns are the second leading cause of death for children and teens ages 1-19.

Rep. John Faso recently voted to overturn a common sense Obama-era regulation that added people receiving Social Security mental health disability payments to a national database for background checks. People who receive these payments are those who cannot manage their own affairs due to the severity of their mental disability. The database is checked by licensed gun dealers before a sale of a firearm.

Here’s a quote from Rep. Faso, where he seems to say that it’s unfair that someone with mental illness cannot buy a gun. 
“The regulation is an overreach,” Faso said. “What the Social Security Disability Administration was doing was basically adding another criteria so if someone was deemed by them as not being capable of conducting their financial affairs they would therefore be put on the prohibited list from exercising their second amendment rights.”

Really? This regulation sounds very sensible to us at Hudson Valley Strong.

Second, Rep. Faso is a co-sponsor of HR 38, the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act of 2017. This appalling Act does three things– it allows a person to carry a concealed weapon across state lines into another state which allows concealed carry — this essentially allows the state that sets the lowest bar for permitting concealed carry to make the rules for the rest of us in other states.

And going even further, this bill allows qualified persons to carry a concealed weapon into a school zone Faso is (again) contradicting himself by sponsoring this bill. Rep. Faso has said (in public, to his constituents) that he favors gun-free school zones, but is (again) contradicting his public statements by co-sponsoring this bill allows concealed carry in a school zone.

This bill also allows someone to carry concealed weapons on public federal lands. Who wants to go to a national park and have to worry about people carrying concealed weapons? It makes our national park ranger’s job even more dangerous than it already is. Let’s keep our parks for pleasurable enjoyment of our natural heritage.

Sample Call and FB Script

Hello, I am [name] from [town, zip code]. I am calling to strongly object to Representative Faso’s vote on HJ Resolution 40 to weaken sensible gun control laws. No one who is deemed mentally incompetent should be permitted to buy a gun. It was wrong of Rep. Faso to vote to overturn the policy calling for background checks on Social Security recipients deemed mentally incompetent.

I also oppose Rep. Faso’s support for the HR 38, the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act. I do not want guns in schools zones or in national parks, I also don’t want other states being able to decide who can carry concealed weapons in New York — we New York state residents should be able to decide that for ourselves! Why does he want to give our power over to people in other states?

Sample Tweets
@RepJohnFaso I want sensible gun regs! No guns for mentally disabled people! #HJ40 No guns in school zones & federal lands!


@RepJohnFaso why do you support HR38, allowing other states to decide who can carry concealed weapons in NYS— we can decide for ourselves!