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Call For Action: Call John Faso To Protest His Vote For HR7 And To Demand Public Meetings

There are three actions in this email: protesting Rep. John Faso’s Yes vote on HR7; calling for Rep. John Faso to make public his schedule and hold public town hall meetings; and rallying in support of ACA/Medicare/Medicaid outside his hometown Kinderhook office.

Thanks again for all that you do, and feel free to share this email with other like-minded, trusted organizations and friends!

ACTION: Protest Rep. Faso’s YES vote on HR7


HR7 is a House bill passed on January 24th, by a vote of 238 to 183.  Three Democrats unfortunately voted yes with all the House Republicans. HR7 severely restricts women’s access to abortion. It makes the Hyde Amendment permanent, which prohibits the use of taxpayer money to fund abortions. This prohibition has been in effect for 40 years. But HR7 takes things even further, banning the use of taxpayer funding to insurance plans that cover abortion services. This means that the multi-state insurance plans offered as part of the ACA would be prohibited from funding abortion coverage. Also, HR7 might prohibit private insurance plans from offering coverage for abortions. It would also affect small businesses, by denying them tax credits if they choose private insurance plans that cover abortion care for their employees. It is a bill that would deny insurance coverage for abortion to millions of women, including those on Medicaid, in the military, Peace Corp volunteers, and many other women employed by the federal government.

Rep. Faso voted Yes on this bill, along with all of his Republican colleagues. Shamefully, in a post on his Facebook page, he falsely claimed that the vote was bipartisan, when only three Democrats voted yes.

We will follow this issue; we will take appropriate actions to voice our views with our Senators when the time is ripe.

Sample Call Script

Hello, I am [your name], a constituent from [your town]. I am calling to object to Rep. Faso’s Yes vote on HR7. The bill will harm the access to important medical care for millions of women. And, the bill was not bipartisan, as he stated on his Facebook page. The bill would also hurt small businesses, which Rep. Faso says he wants to help. I object to Rep. Faso’s stand on abortion, and feel that it is wrong for him to dictate the private medical decisions of women and their families.

Sample Tweet

@RepJohnFaso Object to your Yes vote on HR7. Harmful to millions of women. Abortion is private choice for women, not government.

ACTION: Call & Tweet Rep. Faso to Demand Scheduled Public Meetings


Rep. Faso is hiding from us. Unlike his predecessor Rep. Gibson, he is not posting his daily schedule on his webpage. He has yet to hold any Town Hall meetings, or other public meetings, which would be open to all. He is our representative, and as such, he is obligated to give us the opportunity to discuss our concerns with him in person. It is completely NOT NORMAL that he has not held such meetings already nor posted a schedule of such meetings.

Sample Call Script

Hello, I am [your name], from [your town, zip code]. I am calling to ask that Rep. Faso hold open Town Hall meetings so that his constituents can have the opportunity to discuss our concerns with him in person. I also ask that he publish his daily schedule on his website, as his predecessor Rep. Gibson did, so that the people he represents can know what he is doing on our behalf.

Sample Tweet

@RepJohnFaso Hold free, open public meetings! You represent us & have a duty to hear our concerns! Post your schedule now!

ACTION: Jan 28th 2P – Rally Outside Rep. John Faso’s hometown Kinderhook Office in Support of ACA/Medicare/Medicaid & Demand Scheduled Public Free & Open Meetings


As noted above, Rep. Faso seems to be scared of us, his constituency; most likely because he knows that his positions on many issues anger us. He has made numerous statements about ACA; some of those even sound vaguely plausible, but don’t be fooled — they are not. We’ll have a more detailed, updated ACA analysis coming out soon.

In the meantime, we will keep the pressure up: our hope is that we can make him fear for his seat and perhaps even request a bye (permission from Republican leadership) to vote in his constituents’ best interests on at least some of the regulatory changes that will be proffered by the House. Rallying in his hometown, outside his flagship office is a great way to do that — there will likely be media coverage. This rally was organized by the Columbia County Democrats, the same group that organized the very successful Hudson rally. We happily are in coalition with them!