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Call For Action: Urge Your Senators To Vote No On Sessions For AG


Given the Trump Administrations and the Republican Party’s recent but widely anticipated moves to further increase voter suppression and gerrymander state Electoral College votes, it is extremely important to oppose Sessions, who will be their willing acolyte. For more information and analysis about what is being done and it’s likely impact, visit @hudsonvalstrong on Twitter. We’ve re-tweeted some great folk doing sharp analysis of these issues.

It is important that both Senator Schumer and Senator Gillibrand vote NO on Jeff Sessions for attorney general.  Senator Schumer has stated publicly that he will vote NO. Gillibrand has indicated that she will probably vote NO. You can call OR use social media– Twitter or Facebook to convey your message of support for Sen. Schumer’s public commitment to vote No; however, please call AND tweet Sen. Gillibrand to encourage her to stay strong.

Sample Call Script

For Senator Schumer:

Hello, I am [your name] from [your town, zip code]. I am calling to thank Senator Schumer for coming out publicly to say that he will vote against Sessions for Attorney General. I am thankful that he is standing up for civil rights, voting rights and human rights and hope others will follow his lead.

For Senator Gillibrand:

Hello, I am [your name] from [your town, zip code]. I am calling to urge Senator Gillibrand to vote NO on Jeff Sessions for Attorney General. I hope that the senator will stand up for human rights, civil rights, and voting rights by voting NO. Thank you for taking my call.

Sample Tweets

‪@SenSchumer Thank you for saying that you will vote No on Sessions. Stay strong & protect our civil, human & voting rights.

@SenGillibrand Stand up for our civil, human, & voting rights by voting No on Sessions!