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Call For Action: Oppose Confirmation Of Tom Price To Head HHS


Decisions made by HHS can immediately have a huge impact on the lives of all Americans, of every age and income level, in terms of programs like ACA, Medicare and Medicaid and, powerfully, regulations on corporation. Tom Price has spoken out for the privatization of Medicare (benefits corps), for the tax credits as a health insurance program (benefits wealthy) etc. He has a track record of introducing laws that favor corporate interests over people.

Today’s NYT profile on Price is worth reading. Of special note, in addition to his many troubling statements about ACA, Medicare and Medicaid and his plan for tax credits for health insurance (tax credits primarily benefit the wealthy), CNN and other reliable media have uncovered that Price has traded more than 300k in company stocks while in office as he was advocating or sponsoring legislation that favored those companies.

These recent disclosures, as well as the general pressure on Congress regarding healthcare, have put his nomination at risk. Because a groundswell of opposition might cause him to withdraw his name, it is recommended that we not only call our Senators but that we call upon Rep. Faso to publicly ask Price to withdraw his nomination.

 Call or tweet/FB Sens. Schumer and Gillibrand, supporting their public opposition to Price. Call is best, but since we know they agree with our position, social media also okay. Best if you can do both!

Sample Call Script:

Hi, I am [your name] from [your town]. I am calling because I am deeply worried about the Price nomination for Health and Human Services. I support the Senator’s opposition to Price: his desire to privatize Medicare, his plans for ACA and his past unethical behavior as reported by CNN make him unfit for the job. I appreciate the Senator’s speaking out against Price publicly.

Sample Tweet: Support @SenSchumer @SenGillibrand for publicly opposing HHS nom Price. No to privatizing Medicare & tax credits for rich! No to corruption!


Call Rep. John Faso, asking him to ask Rep. Price to withdraw his nomination. Creating pressure to force Price to withdraw is important. If you can, ALSO tweet or FB as well.

Sample Call Script:

Hello, I am [NAME] from [PLACE]. I’m calling because I’m very concerned about the Price nomination for Health and Human Services.  I oppose his plans to privatize Medicare and substitute tax credits for healthcare, as those plans benefit corporations and the rich, not people like me. I am also horrified by the recent CNN and NYT stories showing how unethical he. He invested in a medical company, then right away introduced a bill to benefit that company, and that company then immediately donated to his campaign. I don’t trust him to act in the interests of the American people.

Will Rep. Faso publicly call on Rep. Price to withdraw his nomination?

Sample Tweet: @RepJohnFaso Ask HHS nom Price to w/draw. Don’t trust him to act for us! No to privatized Medicare that benefits corps, not people!