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Call For Action: No To Hudson River Anchorages!

WHAT TO DO: Submit comments to Coast Guard website at

Over 6800 people have already commented – you can see their letters – let’s join them!

WHEN TO DO IT:  Now but no later than Tuesday December 6


You can paste this text in below if you wish, or alter it. Add your name and your town as shown. There is a link to a Scenic Hudson’s info below this text.

 My name is YOUR NAME and I am a resident OF YOUR TOWN. I strongly oppose the proposed Hudson River Anchorages regulations that would allow up to 43 commercial vessel berths at 10 locations on the Hudson River between Yonkers and Kingston. 

This terrible plan would pose a threat to significant fish and wildlife habitats and affect view sheds from nearly 250 National Register historic sites. Exposing these 2,400 river acres to new anchorages creates harmful noise (generators running all night and more), light pollution and air-quality degradation, damages the region’s scenic splendor and could harm the community & economic development revitalization of downtown waterfronts. Not to mention the risk of spills of crude oil — these berths are going to be used by tankers holding dirty crude oil. 

Don’t put our economy, our community, our history and our environment at risk. Do the right thing – don’t enact these new regulations!


For more details and maps, go to Scenic Hudson’s web page on this issue: